About OptiDrill


A Real time advisory system for geothermal drilling

OptiDrill is a three year long (January 2021-December 2023) project funded by the European Commissions' Climate, Infrastructure and Environmental Executive Agency (CINEA) under the Horizon 2020 programme. The OptiDrill consortium is formed by 11 partner organisations including highly experienced drillers, drilling project managers, engineers and operators, each having a different, yet complementary set of expertise in differing geological conditions, operating parameters and production end-goals.


The overall objective is to develop a drilling advisory system utilising novel sensor and machine learning methods to predict ROP, lithology, drilling problems, well completion and enhancement and finally to unite those methods under one system to enable drilling process optimisation and intelligent decision making.

Digitalise the manual drilling data and text based reports through NPL deep learning methods

Instrumentalise the drilling process through the Implementation of drill rig and BHA compatible sensor strings

Implement novel system identification methods in the sensor and monitoring system

Employ the combination of machine learning and novel deep learning in drilling, well completion and enhancement modelling, performance prediction and optimisation

Use Federated Machine Learning scheme in combination with self-learning machine learning algorithms

Predict and trigger detection of drilling problems through data-driven statistical and machine learning methods

Understand the real-time lithology prediction of the formation